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Fuel Mileage Calculator is a program that enables you to easily calculate your gas/fuel consumption in Canada or the United States.

This program is fast, graphical, and really simple to use. No math required - just enter your odometer reading and how much fuel you purchased from your receipt. Press Calculate, and you get your real mileage results.


Gas Mileage Calculator Screenshot

Initial screen - as the first step, select either Miles or Kilometres as an odometer input, and the distance travelled. (You can enter the odometer reading at the previous fill, and the odometer reading at the latest fill, or just enter the distance driven on the tank. Personally I just reset my trip odometer at each fill, and write that on my fuel receipt.)

Gas Mileage Calculator Screenshot

Then enter the total amount paid at latest fill, and the price paid per unit at latest fill, or just how many units were purchased at the latest fill. (I personally just refer to the number of units purchased as listed on the fuel receipt.)

Gas Mileage Calculator Screenshot

Then the program calculates four rates at once - United States MPG, Canadian MPG, Km/L, and L/100Km.

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