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& based in rural Manitoba on the Canadian Prairies
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Software development serving the agriculture industry. If you need ag / farm custom software, talk to etron for a professional result. Based in Southern Manitoba, Canada, and in close proximity to Altona, Winkler / Morden / Pembina Valley, and Winnipeg.

Need a “system” or “app” to streamline your business operations?

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Outgrowing Excel Spreadsheets?

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Why would I move from Excel to a database with modern custom software?

  • Support multiple users simultaneously
  • Provide seamless on the go access from mobile devices
  • One “source of truth” – avoid multiple different versions
  • Avoid “dirty data” – unlike typical Excel sheets, the database will only accept the right type of data in the right format.
  • Input data can be converted automatically – such as if you want to be able to enter lbs or kg, etc.
  • Avoid needing to manually enter (or change) the same data in multiple spreadsheets
  • Easy access to current and automated totals and report data – without time consuming manual effort
  • Conditional dashboard notifications (such as notifying you if something is nearing expiry, etc.)
  • Improved permissions – users just see (or have the ability to modify) the data applicable to them
  • Provide customers, staff, and managers only the data applicable to them
  • Allow customers to enter information themselves and access their own records
  • Security – keep staff from being able to email or put large amounts of company data on a USB stick
  • Improved performance on large data sets
  • Managed IT cloud infrastructure – share data without requiring physical servers on-site, while gaining access to enterprise-grade systems and automatic daily backups

Passionate about making our clients’ work easier through customized software solutions.

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Oh, and yes, we’ll work with non-Ag clients as well!